Zixx Masternode Cryptocurrency Has Launched


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High-reward masternode cryptocurrency with dedicated charity nodes goes live.

5 MAY 2018: After months of commitment from a solid team, much-anticipated masternode cryptocurrency Zixx has launched. As standard, it offers secure, instant and private transactions. Benefits include high rewards, charity projects, low maximum coin supply, low coin emission and a full-time team. The most significant difference with Zixx is that it offers a massive percentage (80%) of its rewards to Masternode holders. This strategy aims to avoid the volatility often created by other distribution models.

Charity Nodes

Zixx runs dedicated charity nodes to raise funds for worthy causes. Any member of the community can propose a registered charity to receive funding. Each quarter, the masternode holders vote on how to allocate the charity fund. CEO, Gerry explained “We live to give, and our ethos is to leave things better than we found them. We aim to operate a self-sustaining fund, starting with four nodes.”

Benefits of Zixx:

  • High Masternode Rewards: 80% (10% for miners, 10% for R&D)
  • Dedicated Charity Nodes: Nodes that generate rewards exclusively for charity.
  • Low Maximum Coin Supply: 22 million coins
  • Low Emission Rate: ~100k per month

Getting Involved

The masternode community knows that Zixx is one to watch. At every pre-sale opportunity, there have been buyers keen to purchase. Pre-sale nodes sold for as much as 3 BTC each (approx. $30,000 in Dec 2017). The team behind this digital currency has taken the time to do things right – from tech to timing. Zixx has an active community both on Discord and Twitter.

Join the Discord Group: zixx.chat, Twitter: @ZixxCrypto or visit the website at zixx.org to get involved.

Zixx begins trading in the coming week on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, CryptoBridge.

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