Blockchain Virtual Reality Entertainment Platform Immvrse Spreads Wings into Education and Neural Activity


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Once thought of nothing more than a fad, virtual reality has established itself as a significant market today. Only a few years ago, the cost of hardware and the small range of programs (primarily custom built for specific applications), made this technology nothing more than a curiosity of engineers and technicians.

Today, however, with the ever-advancing computing power, graphics and other hardware, coupled with an increased interest in developing applications, VR has become a mainstream entertainment sector. Moreover, the technology is increasingly being shown interest by the educational sector.

Researches Into VR Learning

VR, as a tool of creating a virtual world in 3D, can be used in a variety of scenarios. The educational and learning aspects are something that have garnered a lot of attention lately. A combined report by the Beijing Bluefocus E-commerce company and iBokan Wisdom Mobile Internet Technology Training in 2016 revealed that high school students aided with VR technology in learning fared a lot better than others who had traditional educational tools at their disposal.

Some more information, perhaps the most impacting, that the research report showed was that when below average students were exposed to VR aided learning, they performed much better than the top performing students prior to exposure.

Apart from the actual test results, there is an increased acceptance of the technology’s impact in the education side. In the same year of 2016, Samsung, the global tech industry with a serious VR interest, conducted a nationwide survey of more than 1000 K-12 teachers in the USA. The survey revealed that 83% of the teachers had a firm believe that VR would actually help in schools, while a whopping 93% responded with a positive on their students’ excitement of the technology in classrooms.

ImmVRse In the Educational Sector

ImmVRse, although primarily a blockchain based VR entertainment platform, has a section dedicated to serving the educational learning and teaching. The platform is already collaborating with Kingston University and The Imperial College London to explore VR applications in learning.

One of the researches is in understanding how the brain activity is affected and improved with VR, helping to understand the technological effects on the human’s mind to absorb information.

Further Partnerships

ImmVRse has recently partnered with Basis Neuro, an advanced technical company that allows creation of brain controlled gadgets and gizmos. With their data on neural activity, ImmVRse will be able to learn more about the deep rooted relation of the mind and virtual reality.

The modern age of cheap technology such as mobiles and tablets in the hands of the youth has made a paradigm shift in the interest of reading books. With VR, children can be intrigued and gain interest in learning, countering their tendency to always be focused on social media and other entertainment platforms.

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