UK Based Paybis Partners with Simplex for Credit and Debit Card Purchases


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Paybis, a UK based crypto exchange platform founded in 2014, now supports the ability to purchase major cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card through a partnership with Simplex.

Payment methods supported by Paybis

These payment methods are joined by a plethora that Paybis already supports, including Bank transfers, Qiwi, Yandex. Money, PerfectMoney, Skrill, and many more. Purchases made by credit cards support a daily transaction limit of $20,000 USD, with a monthly cap at $50,000 USD, some of the highest limits around the world. Payments can be made and received in some gift cards as well, for those that prefer a little bit more security.

Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are joined alongside other supported cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. These 5 cryptocurrencies make up most of the volume in the global cryptocurrency market, so allowing users more ways of accessing them is a smart move.

Instant payouts for BTC and LTC

Bitcoin and Litecoin payouts are made instantly once Paybis receives funds, allowing users to use their funds as quickly as possible. Transaction approval takes a maximum of two hours, with an average completion time of 15 minutes.

Cryptocurrency prices are locked for 30 minutes once a customer initiates a transaction to help mitigate volatility in the market. Paybis recalculates cryptocurrency prices for payment methods that take more time to confirm, such as credit cards or bank transfers.

For those that use these kinds of payment methods, Paybis exchanges at the price of the cryptocurrency once payment confirmation is received. This is to ensure no loss for either party during periods of price fluctuation.

Paybis offers its services globally and around the clock with live 24/7 support with a customer satisfaction rating of 9.2 according to an independent survey done by Trustpilot. 1st transactions

Paybis has also introduced a new discount system, allowing users to save on transaction fees. The discount percentage gets larger as users purchase more amounts of volume, Paybis calls it “the more you buy the bigger discount you get”.

Paybis’ discounts for high volume orders

Paybis is offering up to a 50% discount on their fees, which beats the competition. The discounts start at 20% when you purchase $1000 worth of cryptocurrency, increases to 30% at $5000, 40% at $10,000, and finally 50% at $20,000.

Users can quickly see how much they will pay for fees upfront, and where the fees are going towards. For example, the credit card will charge a fee, followed by Paybis’ service fee, and a transaction fee from the blockchain network.

There is also a referral program for Paybis, allowing users to receive 10% of revenue for all referrals, while Paybis gets further business to their services. Those with a high volume of referrals have a chance of increasing their revenue share to 20% for even greater commission.

With the summer months approaching, which historically has been a time of bull runs, entering cryptocurrencies to ride the waves and exiting to cash in the profits will become more important.

In addition to the new features added recently, Paybis has many more coming soon to provide the best customer experience possible.

To check out Paybis and purchase some cryptocurrency, visit their website. For those interested in their referral program, learn more here. Follow Paybis on Facebook and Twitter.

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