Talao and Fusion Collaborate For Blockchain Freelancer Financial Services


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Fusion Foundation is the founder of a blockchain used mainly for financial functions by the public. Talao is a company specialized in creating a suitable platform for the freelance economy. The two companies have collaborated with the mission of fostering development of new blockchain system that will enable the freelance community to carry out their transactions efficiently.

Details Of The Agreement

According to the agreement, the two companies will organize future workshops that will draw a clear roadmap on their mission. These workshops will give them a platform for exploring ways of providing the new blockchain financial services.

Systems such as the escrow dealing with multi-currencies, risk insurance and personal loans will be investigated in these workshops. The workshops will look into the most efficient ways of offering financial services to all its users working around the world. In addition, Fusion Foundation is planning to fund the communities in Talao to enable them to adopt the newly created financial services for the freelance economy.

In order to encourage customers to utilize the crypto financial services, Talao is planning to encourage its communities to secure their tokens to the platform created by Fusion. 30 million tokens from Talao are expected to be secured.

Fusion, on the other hand, will actively inform its customers of the all the information regarding Talao. This will, in turn, promote Talao’s work and increase demand for its services.

Fusion and Talao will collaborate in campaigning for the use of their services in the European market specifically the banking and insurance sectors. Their main objective will be not just to promote their services to key players but to find strategic partners who they can connect with to create advanced financial services suitable for the freelance economy.

Services Offered By Fusion And Talao

Fusion is a company that offers blockchain services by providing infrastructure and architecture needed for providing financial services for blockchain. The company is collaborating with strategic financial partners to create and establish a broad finance ecosystem focused on the blockchain. The crypto financial services are highly beneficial to owners of crypto-assets.

Talao, on the other hand, has created a blockchain-based infrastructure and protocol for large companies such as Airbus and Hyperloop. These companies have been empowered to build and run their own workforce composed of freelance experts. The company is planning to connect with public hub composed of 5 million talent mainly in the technological industries.

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