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Some Altcoins Make Mild Gains, Crude Oil Futures See Four-Month High

Thursday, March 14 — cryptocurrency markets are trading sideways, with some major coins making minor gains on the day, according to data...

Crypto Markets Trade Sideways, Oil Demonstrates Slight Losses

Friday, March 8 — cryptocurrency markets are trading sideways, remaining relatively quiet with moderate losses throughout the top 20 coins, according to...

Top 20 Cryptos Make Small Gains While Stocks and Oil Indexes...

Feb. 12 — cryptocurrency markets are seeing measured growth among the top 20 coins by market capitalization, according to data from CoinMarketCap.Market visualization...

Fundraiser Aims to Raise $1M in Cryptocurrencies for Venezuelans

A cryptocurrency “airdrop” fundraiser has been launched to help Venezuelans. People are donating funds via a number of different coins to the citizens of...

Venezuelans Remain Skeptical After President Maduro Raises Petro’s Value

Venezuelans have blasted President Nicolas Maduro and his new cryptocurrency after the leader of Venezuela upped the petro’s price last week. A number of...

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