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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Tests Boundary Support as Demand Weakens

Bitcoin Schmitcoin Following last Friday’s drop, bitcoin has found itself coiled, once again, at the bottom of the range it established back in December. With...

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Strong Impulse Tests Macro Support Levels

Bitcoin Schmitcoin Finally, after about a week or so of a tight, range-bound market, bitcoin poked right through support. This swift move dropped the price...

Research Firm Charts Unspent BTC and Calls a Market Bottom in...

Colin Harper “How many unspent bitcoins exist?”“How many bitcoins have been lost?”“How many bitcoins are left sitting in wallets, and how does this affect price?”If...

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Range-Bound Market Coiled for Next Move

Bitcoin Schmitcoin For the better part of a month and a half, bitcoin has been fairly range-bound and unable to establish new lows or new...

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